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Gorgon Nut, Commonly known as Makhana in India, is a lesser known nut that provides you with array of health benefits packed in one small fluffy seed.

Lava Makhana, Edible Oil, Salt, Indian Spices, Natural Flavours without added MSG preservatives or Artificial colours.

Key Features:
Makhana has Flavanoids which are antioxidants . These antioxidants reverse the adverse effects of free radical hence decreases the chance of Diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Additional Features:
Makhana is high in fibre hence improve the digestive system.

Other Attribute:
Makhana is low in Sodium and high in Potassium. This helps in regulate the Blood Pressure.
Makhana is low in calories and fat hence very effective snacks for Diabetics and people aiming for weight loss.
Anti Aging

Shelf Life: 4 months