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Cooling Gel Sheet contains special aqueous gel to control sudden fever, headache and sleepiness during work and study. It has a nice and refreshing scent of mint. It can be used by adults as well as children. It is also beneficial if you are traveling to warm places.

How to use
1. Peel off the transparent film; put the sheet on the part where you want to cool down.
2. This product is a substitute for a wet towel or an ice bag which is used for cooling down.
(If you have a high fever, put under your armpit, on your neck or on the hip joint.)
3. Put this sheet in the refrigerator before using, it is more effective.
(Be careful so as not to freeze it.)
4. When you do not feel cooling effect, change the sheet to the new one.

Key Features:
• 100% safe for kids, prescribed by pediatricians. Recommended by doctors.
• Easy to apply & remove. Safe to use with medication.
• FDA approved technology. Helps Reduce body temperature, fever & headache
• Gives instant cooling effect, and cooling lasts for 10Hrs.
• Package contains 4 pcs
• Made in JAPAN

Age Range: 1-4 Years

Material: Cotton

Color: Blue