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Accurate and Sensitive Measurements.
Works well for both water and room temperatures.
Material can tolerate hot water and it is non-toxic.
Kid Friendly Designs, Floats in Water
Effectively Prevents burns/scalds due to hot water
Helps you manage suitable room temperature for kids

How to Use :
Baby bath/room thermometer can be used to measure the room temperature as well as o measure the temperature of bath water in a bucket or tub.
Simply place the thermometer in the water and record the reading for use. For recording room temperature simply hang on the wall.

Caution & Tips:
When using to check water temperature, leave it for at least.
5 min so temperature readings can stabilize.
This is not a toy and also not a substitute for adult supervision. For being 100% sure, always double check water temperature with your hand to avoid burn/scalds.
Do not let child chew on it
Be sure to read the temperature in correct units (Celsius vs Fahrenheit)
Always hang after use with water so it not damaged
Consult baby safety experts in case of questions

Age Range : 0 Months +

Material : ABS

Color: Pink