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First steps is one of the biggest milestone. Walking belt helps baby learn to walk more naturally. No more bending over with Baby Safety Walking Assistant Belt. Walking Assistant Belt has a unique vest that easily fastens around baby’s chest, and straps are adjustable. A great helping hand in teaching your baby how to walk. Makes sure your baby remains well protected as they take their first walking steps. Walk the Walk now. You will have peace of mind as your little one starts exploring his surroundings. A baby's first steps are clumsy and they tend to fall many times. This can hinder the growth of upper leg muscles. Baby Safety Walking Assistant Belt keeps your baby safe from scrapes and bruises till they figure out walking confidentially.

Designed to be versatile and flexible, which means sizing and fit is one less thing to worry about. No fear of fall as babies start learning to walk. 100% cotton fabric and double foam for utmost comfort of the baby.

Color : Multi Color
Material : Cotton, Dual Foam Support
Size : 40 cm to 60 cm