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Instant Rice and Moong dal mix is one of the best first foods for your little one. It is Nutritious and easy to digest. It conatins essential nutrients required for baby's healthy growth and has the benefit of being certified organic.

Rice is a good source of Vitamin B, protein and carbohydrates. Moong Dal is enriched with proteins, dietary fibre, vitamin B, essential minerals such as manganese, potassium and iron. Rice and Moong dal increase metabolism in babies and are easy to digest. Use our product to add variety to your babies diet by simply adding some pureed vegetables or fruits.
Give your babies a healthy and nutritious start.

Quantity - 250 grams.
Shelf life - 6 Months from date of manufacture.

Storage - Store in an air tight container once the pack is opened to extend shelf life
Organic - White rice,Yellow Moong Dal,Cumin,Coriander,Turmeric

Note - Mothers milk is the Best source of nutrition for your baby.

Age Range : 6-48 Months

Material: Paper stand pouch

Color: Green