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Best first food for babies!

Once the baby completes 6 months it is recommended to start solids with fruits and vegetables as first foods. Right after that when it’s time to include cereals in baby food many pediatricians recommend Rice and Barley. Handpicked, fresh and organic Barley and Rice are used in this Tots and Moms Foods’ Organic Barley & Rice Cereal to make this fantastic combo of Baby Food.
Rice is the least allergenic food and hence worldwide considered baby’s first food. Barley rich in fibre, calcium and potassium is another grain included in this combo making it a perfect Baby Food. Babies with gluten intolerance or celiac disease will have to avoid barley like wheat as it contains gluten.
The texture and taste are both loved by little tummies. Tots and Moms Foods’ Organic Barley & Rice Cereal cooks very quickly, makes it convenient for busy parents. Moreover, its 100% Organic and filled with natural goodness.

Tots and Moms Foods’ Organic Barley & Rice Cereal
• Best aid for stronger bones and teeth in growing babies
• Improves baby’s digestive health
• Good source of B Complex, vitamins, calcium, protein & amino acids
• No added sugar or salt, no milk solids.
• 100% Organic, Homemade and Chemical-free
• Processed under hygienic conditions and a Certified Brand since 2014.

Ingredients: Organic Barley, Organic Rice

Directions to Use Barley & Rice Cereal from Tots and Moms Foods:
• Add 1 tbsp of Tots and Moms Foods Barley & Rice Cereal powder in a bowl
• Add 100 ml of cold water or milk to it. Mix it well so that there are no lumps formed.
• Cook for 10 minutes on low flame.
• Add fruit or vegetable purees, Dates or Jaggery Powder(optional) to make it more delicious and serve.

Age Recommendations: 6 months +

Shelf Life: Best Before 4 months from Date of Manufacturing