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Super Combination of Food Mixes required for their healthy growth!
One of the major worry of parents these days is weight gain of the baby. Contrary one must remember that a healthy baby isn’t because of its weight but plenty of other factors. This Nutri Combo 1 consists of few carbohydrates and fat rich foods which can assist in healthy weight gain of a baby naturally.
Tots and Moms Foods Nutri Combo 1 consists of 3 packs of 200 gms health mixes. Sprouted Health Mix is a great combination of sprouts, dry fruits and other grains. Kerala Banana Powder is a healthy powder prepared by sun drying Kerala Banana naturally. Banana Rice Cereal is another variety included here made with a combination of Kerala Banana and Rice with an amazing flavor that babies would love. Along with these health mixes it includes 100 gms of Dry Fruits Powder made from wonder foods Pistachio, Almonds and Cashewnuts. Totally weighing 700 gms of Baby Food Mix.

Tots and Moms Foods – Nutri Combo 1
• Natural Baby food assisting in healthy weight gain.
• No added sugar or salt, no milk solids.
• 100% Organic, Homemade and Chemical-free
• Processed under hygienic conditions and a Certified Brand since 2014.

Sprouted Health Mix - HP02: Rice, Wheat, Ragi, Jowar, Roasted Gram, Green Gram, Black Gram, Groundnuts, Sago, Chickpeas, Horse Gram, Cow Peas, Omam, Dry Ginger, Elaichi, Cashew, Pista, Badam
Kerala Banana Powder - HP03: Sun dried Kerala Banana
Banana Rice Cereal - CE01: Kerala Banana, Rice, Cardamom
Dry Fruits Powder - DM01: Almond, Pista, Cashewnut, Saffron, Nutmeg, Turmeric

Items included in Package :
1 pack of Sprouted Health Mix - HP02– 200 gms
1 pack of Kerala Banana Powder - HP03– 200 gms
1 pack of Banana Rice Cereal - CE01– 200 gms
1 pack of Dry Fruits Powder - DM01–100 gms
Totally weighing – 700 gms

Age Recommendations: 6 months +

Shelf Life: Best Before 4 months from Date of Manufacturing or Packed