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ByGrandma’s Baby Porridge Mix Sprouted Wheat & Apple with Almonds is a naturally processed baby food. Apples and almonds are packed essential minerals which immensely contribute for the nourishment of the baby. Almonds also contain Vitamin E which improves memory power and keeps the baby healthy. Apples contain an antioxidant which protects the baby from diseases. Home prepared food is the most preferred food for the baby, ByGrandma is here to fill this gap of requirement.

Sprouted Wheat, Apples and Almonds

Direction to use:
-Add 1 big scoop of Porridge Mix with 100ml water in a vessel.
-Put the vessel on medium flame for 3-5 minutes. (Avoid non-stick pan)
-Once the porridge reaches thick consistency, switch off the stove. Add sweetener like palm jaggery (Optional)
-By Grandma’s Porridge Mix is ready to feed your little ones.

-Best to serve Sprouted Wheat and Apple with Almonds when it is lukewarm

-Increases immunity and protects from diseases
-Controls cholesterol levels
-Delicious and easy to digest
-Promotes physical and mental growth

How it can be a supplement to baby:
-Due to their tiny tummies, babies do not eat more food but it is important to ensure that the little food that they eat is nutritious. This ByGrandma’s porridge mix contains all nutritional
elements which supplement the requirements of the baby.

Age Range : 12 Months+