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Trimester 1 is a such an exciting part of the pregnancy! Knowing you are having your first second or even third baby is ecstatic, but at times, the morning sickness and mood swings can be a bit overwhelming. We want you to give your pregnancy a flying start and have selected some special products that a few moms-to-be in India swore by, with an emphasis on early symptoms of pregnancy.

-PISIX Nausea Band: Feeling nauseous all through the day? Wear the PISIX nausea band on your wrist and bid goodbye to uneasiness. The drug free band cures the nausea naturally
by working on a clinically proven principle.
-Pregnancy Journal: Your pregnancy is a God’s miracle, make this informative journal help you document the moments of this extraordinary journey to motherhood, that otherwise can
never be captured using smartphones. Jot down your pregnancy thoughts while you can!
-Kronokare Nourish Body lotion: The body and belly need to be nourished, even before the itch/crack begins to develop. The sweet concoction of Beetroot extracts and grapefruit
essential oils restore the moisture and elasticity for you to rejoice the natural glow. Rub it in yourself to experience a truly nourished belly skin prepped to be grown into a blossoming
baby bump.
-Mason & Co. Dark drinking chocolate: The food cravings for bitter sweet seem familiar from the pre-pregnancy period days! We bring you rich, pure and delicious drinking chocolate
from Mason & Co. made with 100% organic cacao powder blended with only organic cane sugar. Experience the delicious and authentic drinking chocolate that is free from any
chemical processing and hear the baby inside say “It’s yummy in tummy, mama”.
-Belly stickers: Your belly is such a big canvas! What better occasion to record the growing belly? Go, get creative with our easy to flaunt belly stickers. Don’t forget to tag us or use #bumpiful whenever you post your next snap on Instagram!
-Letter Board: Too many thoughts in your mind? Give pregnancy anxiety some break! Let the board do the talking while you have some fun posting on social media. Surprise element:
Know it when you unbox it. (Hint: the whole family’s having a baby)

Age Range : For Expecting Moms