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Trimester 2, better known as the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, brings the new set of excitement and proves to be the best time to embrace new found energy (even though feeling fatigue is the new normal). We have procured some fabulous products tailored specifically for this stage of pregnancy. Get going and order the Trimester 2 essentials for that seamless transition to the next trimester!
- The Moms Co. Body butter:Keep the belly itch at bay by using The Moms Co. toxin-free rich combination of cocoa and shea butter with moisturizing oils that increase skin’s natural
elasticity, providing comfort to body itching in pregnancy. Preggos, stretch your hand and butter that belly.
-Conscious food ginger drops:Don’t let frequent heartburn hinder your sleep at night!The Conscious food ginger drops are made from natural ginger oil and can be taken as a sweet or
added to cup of hot water to make an instant ginger tea, known to relieve acid regurgitation as well as aid digestion.
-Enn’s Closet Lip Scrub: Use the delicious Enns closet Lip scrub, Kandy floss and get rid of the dry and dead skin cells making your lips look chapped. Prep your lips with a buff and
polish because you wouldn’t want to not pout in your selfies with the new addition.
- Exotic Coffee body scrub: Though you would want to remain caffeine-free on your diet during the pregnancy days but who’s stopping you to treat your body with some coffee scrub!
The cellulite deposit during pregnancy is a real deal (thanks to increased hormones) and you would want to get rid of, using the exotic coffee body scrub.Nourish Organics Apple Oats
bar: Hungry all the time? Forget the pizza, have something healthy. The Nourish Organic’s Apple oats bar evokes fresh-baked apple pie, with delicious dried apples and warm notes of
cinnamon. The organic ingredients full of fiber, protein and antioxidants are great for a quick and easy breakfast on-the-move (gynecologist or salon appointments)!
- Organic Bath Bombs: Make your baths fuzzy and soothing with the organic bath bombs with Epsom salt and essential oils, known to soothe the body swelling. Drop it in your bucket or
bathtub to experience the calmness much needed in your pregnancy days. Just Herbs Soap bar: Give your mood swings, pregnancy anxiety and dry itchy skin the much needed
therapy with Just Herbs Wild Indian Rose handmade bathing bar. The rose with ‘hundred petals’ is known to be a great emotional stimulant, mind pacifier and skin nurturer, making it a
perfect product for moms-to-be.
- Surprise element: Know it when you unbox it. (Hint: the whole family’s having a baby)

Age Range : For Expecting Moms