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Pregnancy hormonal variation often causes skin elasticity to reduce, allowing depletion of skin moisture. This can cause the skin to flake, itch and become uncomfortable dry around the tummy area. Dry skin is also noticeable around the thighs, breasts and arms. Itchy skin can affect a quarter of women who are pregnant.

NapNap Organics is a mommy-to-be’s solution for a safe and natural option for healthy nourished skin.

Calamine Rose soap acts as a mild antiseptic preventing pregnancy rash and has a cooling effect.

Cocoa Oats deeply nourishes the skin preventing the appearance of stretch-marks while giving the radiant (mommy-to-be) complexion.

Shea Lavender maintains and repairs the skin health by encouraging the skin to produce collagen. Lavender Oil is known to ease pregnancy stress.

Material: Shea Butter,Lavender Essential Oil; Cocoa Butter & Oats; Calamine & Rose Oil