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House that value Hardwork, Patience, Loyalty. Protect your House with the Harry Potter Protego Hufflepuff pin set.

3*0.5cm has DESIGNED, CRAFTED and CREATED this exclusive design set for India.

Hogwarts is your HOME! This product is Inspired by the Harry Potter series for both wizards and muggles out there. Visually appealing, this set of six enamel pins from our latest makes for an impressive addition to your collection. It's light & durable and makes a perfect gift for you and the members of your Slug Club.

It’s time to live the Magic AGAIN!

We bring this to you from the Harry Potter Universe and it is an authentic, official licensed product. This Vibrant nad masterfully crafted enamel pin set is a must own.

-Perfect to collect or Gift.
-This pin is a great Collector’s item for all pin fanatics.
-An ideal gift for close friends and family.
-Each pin is crafted with utmost attention to detail
-The pins are diestruck fro jeweler’s metal and hand-filled enamel colours.
-High Quality durable Material. Each pin is carefully constructed from the finest base metals for a lasting design you’ll always be proud to wear.'

Color :Multi

Material : Enamel Pin

Age Range : Above 5 years