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The nutrition required for a growing baby must be provided in a way that the food must be a concentrated source of energy and other essential nutrients because the volume consumed by the baby is less. #FirstSpoonWheatRiceanddhal is a perfect blend of carbohydrates and proteins that enhances amino acid availability. It gives you Iron, that helps in production of RBC and promotes muscle growth. The phytochemicals present in Cardamom helps in digestion and fight disease causing agents.

Nutritional benefits of Ingredients:

Wheat, rich in Carbohydrates provides energy for body activities, growth and building tissue strength.

Hand-pounded Rice provides energy with additional benefits of essential B Vitamins and antioxidants that are lost during polishing in white rice.

Fried Gram :When Bengal gram is roasted, it loses some anti-nutrition substances and offers better quality protein, essential for a growing baby.

Moong Dhal has a good amino acid composition, which when combined with fried gram, wheat and hand-pounded rice provides a highly nutritious product.

Cardamom imparts a good flavour to the porridge apart from being a good digestive and a store house of Antioxidants.