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CompleteHealthMix is a nutritious blend of natural Cereals and Pulses for Wholesome health. We use best practices followed by our moms and grannies to have maximum nutrient efficiency.

NutritionalbenefitsofIngredients :
● Ragi is rich in Calcium, Iron and Amino acids like Tryptophan. Tryptophan is necessary for regulating appetite, sleep, mood and pain.
● Whole Wheat gives substantial energy to carry out body functions and Fibre that helps in cholesterol reduction, to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, improves digestive health and
lowers the risk of some cancers.
● Millets, rich in dietary fibre help in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and in prevention of general deterioration of human health.
● Pulses and Nuts are essential for growth and repair of cells, fighting infections and in the coordination of body functions.
● Condiments like Cardamom and dry ginger help in digestion and also have anticancer benefits.