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Baby Portable Safety Seat Belt (RED)

Baby Portable Safety Seat Belt (RED)
SECURE YOUR LITTLE ONE- it Protects Infants from Falling down from chair while feeding/playing/sitting. It is Adjustable,one can adjust it according to size or width of Chair. Baby chair Belt can secure you baby.

COMFORT MEETS DURABILITY- Product Belt to both protect and support your baby. Premium High Quality material used to endure feeding time of your baby. Its is Breathable, Which means it allows ventilation to eliminate discomfort

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL- We use High strength and premium quality raw material for utmost comfort of the baby. Our product size is suitable to 95% of chairs style. Extended Length, Safe and comfortable

KEY FEATURE- Magic Seat Belt for Baby does not take up Storage Space. Baby Portable Seat Belt make easier to carry in your hand Bag.

UNISEX AND FITS MOST BABIES- Our product are designed to be versatile and flexible, so less worry when it comes to size and fit.

Size: Free Size

Adjustable strap

Ideal for: Weight- upto 18 kg Babies

Age: 3 months to 36 months

How to Use:

1) Place on any chair.
2) Make Baby sit on the chair and bring the fabric between the baby legs.
3) Bring Strap around the back of the chair.
4) Fasten the clips and tighten by pulling the strap until the child is secure into the chair.