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LED Glasses

LED Glasses
Try it on to experience a cool glow effect! Give a stellar performance every time!

Stand out among your friends with these LED Glasses that is embedded with cutting edge technology. Electro Luminescence Glasses brought to you by BabyChakra features 3 working modes: steady, strobe mode and sound reactive which are great for festivals. Be it Christmas, weekend parties, birthday parties or Night parties, these glasses are a great choice on any occasion. Easy to wear and bend plus provides Excellent Visual Effects. Loved by kids and adults equally. Absolutely Kid-friendly-The wire on the battery pack makes it easy to tuck away or clip on your belt. Enjoy a lightshow to any of your favorite EDM music with these awesome glasses. Why wait? Grab a pair of GloFX Luminescence Glasses and light up your next event or party! Battery powered, uses 2 AA Batteries. A must-have for all party lovers and kids.