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Children's first set of healing crystals

Children's first set of healing crystals
Children's first set of healing crystals (Reiki Infused)!

- Clear quartz(transparent crystal) : It amplifies your thoughts.
- Rose quartz (Pink crystal) : It is used when the child is upset or in need of love and compassion. Rose quartz has a compassionate energy that can be
- Black tourmaline: It is used for protection against evil spells, negative energy or Nazar.
- Amethyst(Purple crystal) : It is used for concentration, good sleep and focus.
- Aventurine(Green crystal) : It opens up the Heart Chakra to develop love and empathy in the child.
- Tiger eye(Brown crystal) : It is used for confidence.

These crystals help kids in the following areas -

Self esteem, confidence, loving and compassionate relationships with people around, manifesting intentions, protecting from negativity, opening up the heart chakra, help in sleep disorders or disturbed sleep, peace and tranquility etc

How to use these crystals:

* Kids can hold them in hand and do mindfulness activities.

* You can also keep under the pillow for their healing.

* You can also keep specific crystals on their study table.

* Or tie in a cloth and put in their school bags.

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