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The Journey Of A Super Kid - Personalized Story Book

The Journey Of A Super Kid - Personalized Story Book
A Personalized Story Book for Kids with your kid as the Main Character! Now your kid can be a part of a story! Wow, sounds superb right?

Product description : This is a personalized picture storybook (design and printed) uniquely created for each kid based on his/her name.This is not just a book but a memory for a lifetime. The book is formed in such a manner that each letter of kid's name gets associated with a positive value/traits or good habits. So in a story, Deepika(say) Finds that she has following good qualities in her :

D - Daring

E - Enthusiastic

E - Energetic

P - Punctual

I - Intelligent

K - Knowledgeable

A - Achiever

The story starts with Deepika finding herself lost in a wonderland and somehow could not remember her name. To come out of the wonderland and get back to her home, she needs to find her name. Hence the adventure starts to find the missing alphabets of her name. At each page of the storybook, she meets a new character who gives a missing alphabet as per the good traits/habits/values.

So at the end of the book, she realizes that her name contains these superpowers, which is the true meaning of her name. These powers make her a SUPER KID!

ALSO INCLUDES: Photo, Message and Certificate for the kid. Perfect Birthday Gift! Age 0-10 years.

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