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Memory Foam Leg Pillow

Memory Foam Leg Pillow
1. REDUCE HIP, LEG, KNEE and SCIATICA nerve discomfort - As a side-lying, you can't sleep completely. Your front legs are in front of you, your is under pressure, your hips are twisted, and the pain caused by your knee contact. The Contour Legacy Pillow is the most suitable leg pillow for relief, as the cushion comfortably supports the legs and knees, providing proper sleep alignment and positioning to eliminate those painful pressure points.

2. The only leg pillow that supports the legs and knees - The leg pillow was invented to help alleviate the stress caused by poor sleep discomfort and cause discomfort. After many years, we realized that cushioning and supporting your legs and knees is essential to maintain proper alignment to help relieve pain.

3. Vented memory foam allows air circulation for a sleep - unlike traditional memory foam leg pillows, it is designed to absorb heat from the body for compression and is designed with venting holes in the memory foam to promote air circulation over temperature. Adjust the foam technique to push the heat away from the body to prevent you from feeling overheated.

4. Comfortably placed in any position and free to move through the night - unlike traditional knee pillows, it has a truly ergonomic design, soft curves and a crescent shape that can comfortably fit both men and women. No need for dangerous loop restraints, the exact tether of the pillow to fit the shape of your leg. This allows the foam leg pillow to shape your shape without restricting movement or requiring you to sleep somewhere.

5. Use 2 contour legs to support all and all leg support - for better support and comfort, you can use 2 orthopedic pillows for all leg alignment and support, and improve hips, calves and knees Relief. The shape of this ergonomically contoured leg pillow fits the comfort of the leg pillow, but you can flip it over and place it between your calves for lower leg comfort and support.

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