Memory Foam Soft Baby Bolster Pillow Cushion
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Memory Foam Soft Baby Bolster Pillow Cushion

Memory Foam Soft Baby Bolster Pillow Cushion
Developed in a special 23”x 5.5” size, these Memory foam Bolster pillows with a baby soft feel and comfort, are ideal for using them at the back of the chair, sofa or a couch. These small sized bolsters are very small and compact as well as easy to carry. What’s unique about these cushions is that they are made with Visco-elastic Memory foam, which provides perfect support, comfort and relief from pains, aches or any other body discomfort.

Available in a special pack of 4 Bolsyers, these are smaller than your standard size Diwan Bolsters and preferably used for those who prefer small and super soft bolsters.

Special Features:
• Delivers above average pain relief potential along with optimum support to the back, head as well shoulders.
• The Visco-elastic Memory foam in these wonder cushions molds to the body in response to heat and pressure.
• Evenly distributes body weight and then returns to the original shape once the pressure is removed.
• Perfect antidote for reducing neck, back pains.
• No fluffing or shaking required.
• Long lasting durability and longevity