Baby Crib Half Wedge Pillow
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Baby Crib Half Wedge Pillow

Baby Crib Half Wedge Pillow
Sound, peaceful sleep is most important for your child’s healthy growth. The scientifically-designed Full-Wedge High Resilience Filler Free Foam pillow offers a 12-degree incline, which is recommended by pediatrician globally. The High Resilience Filler Free Foam used in creating this pillow offers gentle, cradling support to the child’s head and upper body, leading to a comfortable sleep. The inclined position provided by the pillow helps in reducing congestion and food reflux.

Keeping the pillow clean and fresh is easy as it comes with a removable hypoallergenic outer cover.
• Gentle 10 degree angle helps assists breathing, digestion, and sleep.
• Helps prevent Anti Vomiting- Anti Milk Spitting - Acid Reflux Digestion
• This raised position keep Baby’s head at a comfortable height which leads to better sleep
• Baby Wedge head cushion offers ideal angle to relieve: discomfort from reflux and nasal congestion