Junior Size Memory Foam Pillow
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Junior Size Memory Foam Pillow

Junior Size Memory Foam Pillow
The White Willow, now introduces Special Regular Memory foam Pillows for kids that would bring comfort and support like never before.

Some interesting features:
-Traditional Regular Ergonomic Shape acts as a cradle for the soft heads:
-Indulge in the softness and support of the Regular Pillow to help your little ones sleep and rest better.
-Relieves Neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing the neck and shoulders to fully relax.
-Promotes proper spinal alignment and ensures good sleep and restful nights.-
-High Density Memory foam offers softness, better air circulation and breathability.
-Washable outer cover: Encased in a special bamboo fabric in a white elegant design with built in temperature control and highest quality eco friendly, anti allergenic materials to bring you a safe and relaxed sleeping experience.
-Measures 18” long, 12” wide, and 1.5” tall.What do we offer with the Kids Pillow ?
-An Elegant White Removable Outer Cover with a zip: The soft and calming hues of white in the outer cover brings relaxation and comfort to your little one’s beds.