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Know More About Your New Born

Know More About Your New Born
Group informative sessions are conducted to educate expecting parents & new parents in understanding what to expect with the arrival of your new born baby and help answer all niggling questions.
While each baby is a unique individual, there are certain characteristics and behaviorus that are common to newborns. There are many typical physical and behavioural traits you may notice in your baby during the first few weeks of life.

Our Counselling Program helps parents, including expectant parents, transition successfully into parenthood and provide a nurturing environment for their children. The program offers support and guidance by helping parents.

Parenthood is like any other job – there’s a lot of learning at first, and the more guidance you get, the more confident you feel in carrying out your duties. Our Program provides that much needed information about what to expect when your baby arrives and helps in transforming you into a confident parent so that you can enjoy your child and relax in your role as mom or dad. This program is open to both expecting parents. Best time to undergo this program is during the last trimester or just after the arrival of the baby.

This Package Includes:
• Session Duration: 60 to 75 minutes
• Number of Consultations: 1
• Prior appointment is mandatory.

Charges Applicable :
-Rs 800/- Parent
-Rs 1300/- for Couple