BabyChakra Baby Safety Kit: Pack of 3

BabyChakra Baby Safety Kit: Pack of 3

Always confused about the top 3 essentials to put in your baby bag? Well, we've got you covered! These FDA-approved products with organic goodness are everything you need to ensure your baby can play safe and stay clean! Pick these up and never worry about hygiene again!

Why me?
India’s First FDA approved Baby Safe Products - highest standards of care for your baby. Clinically tested & proven to be safe.
Kills 99.9% germs
Leaves no toxic residue behind
Organic & natural formulation with NO added chemicals
100% vegetarian, cruelty free and non-allergenic

Included in this Kit

Hand Santizer
India’s 1st Baby Safe, 0% alcohol, 100% naturally derived hand sanitizer - highly recommended by pediatricians! It is the only safe sanitizer for babies since it is alcohol free.
What goes in
Coconut Based Cleansers
Ensures gentle cleansing for your child’s frequent use. Keep your hands moisturized in all seasons
Aloe Vera
Aloe vera soothes sensitive and delicate skin
Mango Kernel Oil
Natural cleanser which leaves your skin clean & soft
How to Use
How to Use
Squeeze pea-sized sanitizer on baby’s hand
Rub palms together generously
Smell the mango!

Hand Wash
A gentle, foaming and non-greasy handwash created using only natural and organic ingredients. Its 100% vegetarian and organic formulation provides the best safety for your child and leaves the hands feeling soft with a wondrous natural mango scent.
What goes in
Coconut Based Cleansers
Nourishes the skin and creates a protective barrier
Mango Kernel Oil
Natural cleanser which leaves your skin clean and soft
Tulsi Extract
Helps fight against harmful germs
Plant Based Softeners(Vegetable Glycerin)
Odourless, locks moisture and soothe out inflamed and wounded skin
How to use
How to use
Wet hands
One easy pump of handwash
Lather & rinse
Smell the mango

Fruit, Veggie & Toy Wash
Safeguard your family from the harmful chemicals, pesticides, insecticides & germs found on everyday items such as fruits, vegetables, toys and other accessories!
What goes in
Lemon extracts
Helps clean the product without leaving any residue/germs /dirt/toxins.
Orange extracts
Kills bacteria and prevents growth of fungi
How to Use
How to Use
Mix 1 tbsp of Fruit, Veggie & Toy wash in 1 ltr of water & soak the items
Scrub each item thoroughly your fingers or a scrub
Rinse under running water
Consume your toxin-free fruits & vegetables with no stress!

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