Delicious Omega-3 Smoothie
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Delicious Omega-3 Smoothie

Delicious Omega-3 Smoothie
Brainwise Delicious Omega-3 Smoothie May Help Maintain Active Brain Development And Eye Function.

BrainWise is a delicious blend of mango fruit puree & juice concentrates together with a high purity source of DHA and EPA

Taken either directly from the spoon or mixed into water, fruit juices, yogurt or smoothies.

Delicious Omega-3 Smoothie may help maintain active brain development and eye function. Getting kids to take fish oils containing omega-3s can often be very difficult because of fishy taste and odor. In addition, many products only contain very small amounts of omega-3s.

Brain wise tackles these conditions by using the unique process to emulsify the finest fish oil with prebiotics and a mouth-watering blend of mango pulp concentrate to produce a smoothie like fruit cream. In fact, brain wise contains all of the beneficial antioxidants from a full handful of the fruit that goes into making every teaspoonful. That is why we say brain wise provides effective nutrition, made easy for kids.

Material : Food Suppliment

Age Range : 2-82 Years