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Buy 2 200ml Fruit, Veggies & Toy Wash and Get 100ml Alcohol based Sanitizer Absolutely FREE


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Key Features
  • Sulphate Free
  • No Formaldehyde
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Cruelty Free
  • Non Allergenic
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Hello, I am your friend which will protect your precious possessions from all the harmful chemicals, pesticides, insecticides & germs. The BabyChakra Pure Fruits, Veggies, Toys wash cleanses & takes away all harmful chemicals like pesticides, pollutants & fruit wax. I am also used for cleaning & disinfecting your bottles, spoons, bowls, utensils, 
I am the first ever naturally derived fruit, vegetable and toy cleanser made of orange and lemon extracts and food grade ingredients.

I am essential for better nutrition that is critical during pregnancy and early childhood growth and development. Did you know our fruits and vegetables have more than 50 different toxins due to the use of pesticides and wax? Using me before you eat fruits & veggies will remove all the toxins from them & make it safe for consumption.


I will remove all the toxins, artificial wax, chemicals, pesticide residue & more. I am also Paediatrician recommended. My main job is to make sure that whatever you eat is safe. I will kill 99.9% germs & remove all the harmful bacteria from your favourite fruits & vegetables. I can also be used to clean your most loved toys & accessories. I will help disinfect everything that you put in your mouth. Since I am 95% naturally derived with an orange & lemon extract, I disinfect everything up. Enriched with a food grade preservatives, even if some of me gets left behind on your toys or fruits and you accidentally snack on it, I promise you’ll be all fine.

How to Use:
-Flip the cap & open the bottle
-Mix 5 drops of BabyChakra Pure Fruits, Veggies & Toys Wash & mix it in 1 litre of water (5ml in 1L of water) in a bowl
-Soak your fruits & veggies in the bowl for 15minutes
-For toys, repeat the same steps.
-For best results, disinfect toys twice a week.
-For bottles & nipples, use BabyChakra Pure Fruits, Veggies & Toys daily.

Created by Indian moms and doctors for Indian families. #carecomesfirst

All my ingredients are 100% naturally derived, safe and biodegradable: 
I AM: 
-Paraben FREE
-No Sulphate
-No Synthetic Dye
-No Formaldehyde
-No phthalates, Mineral oil, Phenoxyethanol, lanolin
-I am 100% vegetarian, Cruelty free, Non allergenic

What is exactly goes in our product: (ingredients story) : 

-ALOE VERA: Aloe vera soothes sensitive and delicate baby and child skin.
-LEMON & MANGO EXTRACTS: Naturally Mango & Lemon are natural cleansers. Their fragrance keep your kid fun and excited to use again and again.
-DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED - All ingredients used are natural and free of toxins and irritants. They are gentle and totally safe on baby and kids skin.
-TOXIN FREE: 1st Baby Safe brand in India. Free of Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, SLS, Paraben, Synthetic Perfumes, Artificial Preservatives. 
-CRUELTY FREE: We love our kids and nature’s kids too. We will alway be cruelty free. 
-FDA APPROVED: We are approved by the FDA for the highest standards of care. 
-100% Natural Preservative
-100% Mom’s Love <3

On Popular requests by Moms and Doctors, Babychakra has introduced another Hand Sanitizer to its Pure Collection! Introducing the BABAYCHAKRA ALCOHOL BASED SANITIZER, which contains 70% Gel-based alcohol to protect you from 100% germs.

Its FDA Approved, contains NO Toxins, is Dermatologically tested and has No Parabens or Sulphates.

It contains all Naturally derived ingredients : Mango Kernel Oil for a natural fragrance, Aloe Vera Extract, Corn Base Skin Conditioner.

Gentle, mild and smell of yummy fresh mango You will want to use it again and again, we promise.

Ingredients: Mango Kernel Oil Pure Water (Aqua), 1- Propanol, 2- Propanol, Aloe Vera Extract (AloeBarbadensis Base Antiseptic), Glycerin, Chlorohexadine glucomate, Gel base, Corn Base Skin-Conditioner, Vegetable Glycerin (Plant Based) Edible Oil Skin Conditioner (Propylene Glycol Ester), Rapeseed Oil Base Skin Smoother (Cetrimonium Chloride)

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