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Fruits are important. Not only are they delicious, but they help us humans get many of the nutrients and vitamins we need to enjoy a balanced diet. For more knowledge, get your little one familiarized with this visually appetizing and nutritious series.

Key Learning Outcomes :
- Visual and Auditory Sensory Development
- Accumulation of Encyclopedic Knowledge
- Strengthens Parent and Child Bonding
- Hand-Painted Illustrations, Research Based Product

The Fruits Set I has the following ten encyclopedic cards:
1. Avocado
2. PassionFruit
3. Fig
4. Cranberry
5. Dragon Fruit
6. Grape Fruit
7. Chestnut
8. Golden Delicious
9. Plantains
10. Durian

Each card has an illustration or picture on the front and encyclopedic facts about it on the back.