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Music has always been an important part of Indian life. India has a rich musical history with its very own musical instruments. Some instruments are used primarily in north Indian music (Hindustani sangeet), some are used in the south Indian music (Carnatic sangeet), while others are found in folk music. Instrumental music is usually similar to vocal music but sometimes there are distinctive instrumental styles. Connect your Little Ustaad with his musical Indian roots with our unique and super informative Indian Musical Instruments series.

Key Learning Outcomes :
- Visual and Auditory Sensory Development
- Accumulation of Encyclopedic Knowledge
- Strengthens Parent and Child Bonding
- Hand-Painted Illustrations, Research Based Product

The Indian Musical Instruments set has the following ten encyclopedic cards:
1. Sitar
2. Tabla
3. Santoor
4. Sarangi
5. Shehnai
6. Veena
7. Murali
8. Mrdangam
9. Kanjira (Khanjari)
10. Harmonium

Each card has a hand-drawn illustration on the front and encyclopedic facts about it on the back.