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Dr Prasanna Menon provides all prenatal and postnatal services and practices at Dr. Prasanna Menon in Manpada.

This Package Includes:
• Session Includes:
1) Information on pregnancy
2) Complication of pregnancy
3) Normal delivery
4) Cesarean section
5) Vacuum delivery
6) Forceps delivery
7) Parenting skills
8) Breastfeeding techniques
9) Prenatal exercises
10) Postnatal exercises
11) Meditation
12) Breathing techniques in labor
13) Interaction with high risk pregnant ladies who have been benefited by our sessions.
• No. of Sessions: 4 sessions.
• Timings: Sunday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
• This is going to be a group session.
• Session Duration: 3 hours
• Session will be conducted once in week.