Dulaar Nursing Covers give you 100% instant privacy while you breast feed in public! Breast feeding moms get the freedom to breastfeed the baby anywhere without being nervous or overwhelmed. These stylish & comfortable covers are poncho style, which means you just have to slide it down from your head & you are covered from all four sides while you breast feed. The neck line is quite generous, which means you can see your baby's face while he or she is feeding by peeping inside from the neck line. This gives you a great bonding time. There is no hard material forming any kind of canopy, which means nothing to bother the little one, and you can also fold the cover easily & carry it in your purse in a very small space. It is made of breathable cotton, so your baby will not be suffocated inside the cover while feeding. These covers can be doubled up as a scarf or a poncho top when not in use.
They make great gift for baby showers & for new moms!

Age Range : 0-3
Dimensions : Free Size

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