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Up until their toddler years, babies spend more time sleeping than awake, so preparing a comfortable sleeping environment should be a priority for any parent. This product has been crafted to induce quality sleep during the day and through the night, keeping in mind the overall well being of a baby in their primary years. Babies are born ready to absorb everything around them. The critical stages of development in the first year encourage learning and positive emotional, mental, and physical health. A 100% cotton baby bedding set should be your absolute top choice. Be sure to create an environment that stimulates the senses, enhances development, and aids in the ultimate goal of restful sleep.

Key Features
200 thread count fabric has been woven with high quality combed yarn that makes the fabric finer, smoother and stronger than regular carded yarn.
Cotton’s characteristics allow the fabric to breath much better than synthetic fabrics.
Super soft filling provides long lasting anti microbial protection that keeps your bedding set fresh, prevents growth of mold, mildew and odor.
The anti- allergy properties of the product will provide relief and rest to your baby hence promoting sound sleep.
Noah's Ark embodies playful feelings. This curated composition helps increase memory, concentration and motivation.

Brand - Fancy Fluff
Type - Baby Cot Set
Age - 0 to 3 Years
Fabric - 100% Cotton Fabric with 100% Polyester Filler
Design - Noah's Ark
All products come with a polyester filler and are completely detachable.

Size :
Bedsheet- 40 x 65 Inches (101.6 x 165.1 cm)
Comforter- 40 x 50 inches (101.6 x 127 cm)
Pillow- 10 x 12 Inches (25.4 x 30.4 cm)
Bumper-72 x 12 Inches (182.8 x 30.4 cm)
Bolsters- 12 x 12 Inches (30.4 x 30.4 cm)