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You raise your baby with utmost care and concern, Himalaya considers that fact and has crafted a talcum powder that best suits your baby?s soft and delicate skin. This Himalaya Baby Powder is organic in nature and thus is safe for your baby?s skin. Suitable for both boys and girls, this talcum powder will protect your baby?s skin from excess sweating. If you notice that your baby has itchiness and is very sulky because of that, it will be all sorted with the application of this body talc from Himalaya. Does your baby often make faces because of the foul smell from their own body? This Himalaya talc controls your baby?s body odour, so your little one can now sweat it all out in the game yet stay fresh by using this body talcum powder from Himalaya. With active herbal ingredients like olive oil, zinc calx, sandalwood and khas-khas, this Himalaya Powder for babies restores skin moisture and keeps their skin soft and supple. The antiperspirant properties of this talc controls the production of excess sebum while the astringent properties accelerates healing of skin issues like nappy rashes

Directions for use apply this talc on baby?s skin after bath, nappy change and before bedtime.

Enriched With Goodness Of Herbal Actives :

Ideal for use after bath, before bed time and during nappy change, Himalaya Herbals baby powder best suits the delicate skin of your baby. This herbal formulation is organic in nature and is completely safe for use on newborns and above. The Himalaya powder for baby prevents skin irritation or itchiness due to excess sweating. Presence of active herbal ingredients, namely, olive oil, khus-khus and zinc that nourish and protect the tender skin of babies. These ingredients efficiently soothe the skin, keeping it dry and supple throughout the day.

Relieves Itching And Skin Rashes:

Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder 200 Gram is available at an attractive price. Known for its antiperspirant properties, khus khus effectively keeps your baby to remain dry. The natural zinc in this herbal baby powder by Himalaya has antiseptic properties to protect your child from nappy rashes and other skin issues. The vitamin-A enriched almond oil moisturises the skin and keeps it soft. It also fights infections and helps bone development. So gift your child the benefits of this herbal powder and keep him happy, cool and fresh while at play or rest.

• Ideal for: Protecting baby's skin from sweating, nappy rashes
• Contains: Olive oil, khus-khus, almond oil and natural zinc
• Infused with antiseptic, antiperspirant and astringent properties
• Mildness tested for gentle baby skin
• Size: 200 G

Age Range : 1 Month -2 Years