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Cozy comfort while feeding your new born. The pillow fits securely around your waist to give the perfect posture while feeding thus preventing a painful back. Enhances the feeding experience and bond between mommy and baby.This is the only feeding pillow to have a Velcro and buckle on strap..Velcro helps you to wear the pillow and put on the strap single-handedly, and in a second. This way your hungry baby doesn't have to wait while you fiddle to put on a buckle. So why have we put the buckle? The silent-release buckle is for you to open the strap and take off the pillow quietly, using just 2 fingers. So if your baby has fallen asleep while feeding, the noise of opening Velcro will not disturb or startle the little one.

Made of High density foam
Helps baby to 'latch-on' correctly 
Helps you to maintain the right posture
Firm surface takes baby's weight off your arms so no more shoulder, neck or arm aches
Has built-in, 7' high back support
Adjustable Velcro strap to securely fit all body sizes, without slipping and sliding
Only pillow of its kind to also have a buckle - so you can open the strap silently if baby falls asleep
Lightweight to protect sensitive c-section tummies
Attractive, removable, washable cover

Age range - 0-0.6 months

When to Use
While feeding your baby as you sleep or sit on chair

Why to Use
Provides support to your back and arm while you feed your baby
Prevents back pain and rounded posture of spine while you breast feed your baby
Offers appropriate and comfortable posture to your baby, and thereby, reduces swallowing and gastric reflux issues

How to Use
Position it around your waist with the backrest behind you
Adjust it to an ideal feeding height and fasten the velcro to secure to your body