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Comfeed C-Pregnancy Pillow By Nina is the perfect sleep companion for expecting mothers. It follows the natural shape of your body, supporting you from head down your spine till your toes.The pillow can be placed between the legs to improve circulation and under the heavy belly for comfort & support while lying on either side. The Comfeed C-pillow provides relief from lower back pain, and gives relief from indigestion. All in all, it prevents tossing and turning during sleep ensuring you of restful nights in preparation for your big day!

-Made from high quality branded Polyfibres
-Follows the natural shape of your body from head to toe
-Total body support for your neck, back, hips and tummy throughout pregnancy
-Helps you to lie on your left side (as recommended by doctors) without rolling over
-Unique single C-shape offers a number of comfortable positions and replaces the need for many pillows
-Can also be used post-delivery to give your baby 'tummy time', sitting support, etc.
-Has a removable, washable cotton cover
-Can be easily twisted, turned and coiled for different uses (please see fourth image) by different people
-Makes a great gift for baby showers

Age Range: For any week of pregnancy