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As your belly grows in size and weight, your body undergoes many changes. This may cause discomfort while lying down and your favourite sleeping positions may not be possible anymore. A restful, comfortable sleep however, is essential! The Comfeed U-Pregnancy Pillow will literally cradle you in-between its two 'arms' even if you turn from side to side at night. It provides firm support to your back and belly at the same, and improves circulation in your legs. The superior branded micro fibre filling makes the pillow Hypoallergenic, non reflexive, light and fluffy. Comfeed's speciality U shape keeps your head, neck, shoulders and hips aligned to aid proper joint positioning. It also helps you to lie on your left side (as recommended by doctors) without rolling over onto your back or tummy. The U-pillow can also be used to slightly raise your upper body and relieve acidity or heart burn. Its cool cotton cover is removable, washable.

-Superior quality branded micro fiber filling makes pillow:
-Hypoallergenic: Keeps away common allergies like sneezing, wheezing etc
-Non reflexive: Pillow will mould to all your body positions and shape every time
-Light and fluffy with Zero pressure: This makes it totally safe for pregnant ladies. And the pillow also retains its own shape over time.
-Comes with a protective inner cover, and a removable, washable outer cover made of pure, cool, soft cotton
-U shape keeps your head, neck, shoulders and hips aligned for proper joint positioning
-Slightly raised upper body helps relieve acidity and heart burn
-Post pregnancy, it can also be used as a baby feeding pillow, sitting support pillow, pillow to protect baby in parents' bed
-Made up of superior quality branded micro fibers
-Dimensions: 55'L x 35'B x 8'H
-Weight: 3 kgs

Age Range: For any week of pregnancy