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The classic and popular bingo game adapted in the form of a fun-filled magnetic book! Thematically designed for your inquisitive little one, it comes in a well-designed brightly coloured case which is easy to carry and contains a built-in magnetic board.
The K.I.D can choose a sheet based on a single theme from five choices of- Road, Supermarket, Home, Animals and Modes of Transport after which the Bingo game transforms into a spotting, visual-perception honing activity.
When the kid spots an item matching to the picture drawn on the sheet, she/he is supposed to place a magnet on the magnetic picture. A treat can be given as the child finishes each row and a treat for the whole sheet to keep the child motivated.

Skills :
• Boosts knowledge
• Improves visual perception
• Enhances memory and cognitive skills
• Builds self-esteem

Number of Players: 1

• A Magnetic Bingo Board
• 25 foam magnets
• 5 Theme based bingo sheets
• The joy of a toy

AGE: 2-5 years

Size : 28.2x21x3

Materials : Paper and Cardboard