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Tango card game based on the traditional Japanese game called ‘Karuta’ to teach 25 English proverbs split into a pair of cards. With a special emphasis on enhancing expression in language, these cards are neatly designed and split into two bright colours- red and blue. The red cards have the first half of an English Proverb while the blue cards have the second half of an English proverb.
The corresponding cards of the same proverb share a same cute little graphic to keep the game thematic and guide children towards learning through the joy of a toy. The game includes 50 cards in total and is ideal for home and educational activities at school. It helps hone linguistic expression, boosts knowledge and improves interpersonal skills through social play.

Skills :
• Refines linguistic expression and cognitive skills
• Effectuates interpersonal skills through social play
• Boosts knowledge

Playtime: 20-25 minutes

• 50 cards based on
• 25 English proverbs split into two
• The joy of a toy

Age: 5-12 Years

Size : 14.1x5.5x5.5

Materials : Paper and Cardboard