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Baby not sleeping? Wondering how to make your baby sleep?
The NapNap Mat has a smart sleep technology which mimics a mother’s womb by generating gentle vibrations and white noise. This helps the baby self-soothe by activating their calming response. The NapNap Mat reduces crying and colic and makes the baby sleep quicker, better and longer (if it is sleep time of course!).

Babies are accustomed to sounds (white noise) and motions (vibrations) because of the mother’s body processes and heartbeat; while in the womb. When they are born, there is a sudden change in the environment which is very confusing for the baby. They often react to this by crying. The NapNap Mat works beautifully to soothe the babies, reducing the crying and helping the baby sleep quicker, better and longer.

The NapNap Mat also has a mom’s mode which can be used during or post pregnancy to relieve the back & leg pains.

Age Range : 0-1 year

Material: Cotton & Foam