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Ragi is a wonder grain and makes for a nutritious baby staples. Ragi blended with Almonds and Dates makes a full meal for the little one and provide a balanced diet with proteins, calcium and necessary vitamins for the overall development of your child. Happa’s mighty grain porridge range with Sprouted Ragi, Almonds and Dates makes a sumptuous meal for your baby’s early food. Ragi contains high amounts of proteins, calcium, and iron. It is gluten-free, low in fat, absorbable and easily digestible, Almonds contain various nutrients that help the health and development of your baby’s brain, it help increase your little moppet’s brain activity. Dates on the other hand act as a natural sweetener, and also give your infant’s immune system a boost. It is a super food for super-high energy levels. Happa’s organic sprouted wholegrain porridge with the combination of natural nuts can be the perfect little spoon of solids to your growing child. But, be sure to consult your paediatrician before you introducing porridge mix in your little moppet’s diet.

Material : Sprouted Organic Ragi,Almonds Powder,Dry Dates Powder

Age : 6 months +