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Rightly called 'SUPER FOOD' in modern days. Moringa (shigru in ayurveda) has been used since ancient times for good health. Our moringa is grown organically and is 100% pure. It is a small and marginal farmers cooperative initiative in remote India, which helps them grow non polluted, chemical and pesticide free plants. Ethically harvested, naturally dried so as to retain nutritional potency, color, taste and aroma.

Thoughtfully packed in biodegradable zip lock pouches to help you contribute towards a sustainable environment. The transparent pyramid tea bags help you see what you drink. Enjoy the sight of dried moringa leaves hydrate to its original deep green color when steeped in hot water. In buying this product you help sustain the marginalised farmer who strives hard to grow chemical free products. Easy to store and can be taken to work neatly tucked into your bag.

Called 'Mothers Best Friend' by international nutrition and food journals for its highly nutritional and medicinal qualities. It is truly mother nature’s multi vitamin. Moringa tea can be taken by both adults and children.

* Super Food - Enriched with over 90 nutrients and vitamins
* Caffeine free
* Gluten free
* GMO free
* Broom for intestines - Being fiber rich it cleanses the intestines
* Aids in Weight Loss - Being diuretic helps reduce water retention
* Promotes beautiful and healthy skin
* Fights depression
* Promotes brain health and cognitive functions. Prevents Alzhiemers
* Anti-ageing properties - Anti oxidant rich. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
* Controls diabetes
* Restores liver
* Restores imbalances in our diet

Quantity: 10 Tea Bags

Ingredients: 100% pure organic moringa leaves

Direction To Use: Add boiling water on the moringa tea bag. Let it steep for 3 to 5 mins. Squeeze the tea bag to take out the maximum nutrients. Enjoy either sweetened or unsweetend. You can also make iced moringa tea.

Age Range: For Moms