Soft Baby Head Protector
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Soft Baby Head Protector

Soft Baby Head Protector
Once babies learn to crawl or walk, they love to explore their surroundings. They tend to fall backwards while in the mood of having fun. Baby Head Protector ensures that the baby's developing brain stays unharmed whilst the baby is playing around. No need of undivided attention to your baby. Even if baby falls backwards, baby head protector comes to the rescue. Soft Baby Head Protector is a great item for head support and protection while baby is crawling and playing. Lightweight and travel friendly.

- Straps are designed according to baby's physique, comfortable without feeling tight.

- Baby feels comfortable because the head ring does not touch baby's head while sitting or walking.

- Effectively alleviates the impact to protect the baby's head and back when he/she falls down.

- Suitable for age: 4 months to 15 months