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Designed for Healthy Oral Development
Philips Avent Fashion Pacifiers feature flat, drop-shaped collapsible nipples that are approved for proper pediatric oral health. The nipple is symmetrical, so baby's mouth fits perfectly every time, even if the pacifier ends up upside-down.

Comfortable, Durable Silicone
This pacifier is made from silicone, which is taste and odor-free, so it is more likely to be accepted by your baby. Silicone nipples are strong and smooth, so they won't become sticky, discolored, or misshapen over time.

Secure Ring Handle for Quick Removal
For retrieval from baby, Philips Avent Fashion Pacifiers feature a strong ring handle. The brightly colored front shield also makes it easier for your baby to grasp and hold. Each BPA-free pacifier comes in a fun design.