Preferred by mothers for longer diapering time as it has an additional wet-free microfleece fabric that keeps the baby's bum wet-free. Fits well on to a BUMBERRY diaper cover as well as BUMBERRY Pocket style diaper. Best performs when used with a BUMBERRY Diaper Cover fitting to the One Size Design Preferred by thousands of mothers as an excellent diapering solution for infants

If you are looking to help out environement by reducing its waste loads, Bumberry Diapering solution is a great alternative available. Bumberry Wetfree Microfiber inserts has an additional 'wet-free' microfleece fabric as the skin facing outer layer helping the baby to remain dry during its usage. Bumberry Wetfree Microfiber insert has three more layers of highly aborbent microfiber which functions to help for faster absorption.

Market proven and won already the trust of many mothers, the Bumberry Wetfree Microfiber offers longer diapering hours, but we recommend to limit the time of use of one insert to be lesser than 6 hours maximum as pediatricians world over recommends not to use any diaper for more than 6 hours. Bumberry Wetfree Microfiber insert performs excellently with a Bumbery Diaper Cover model. At the same time, it also could be used with a Bumberry Pocket style Diaper for higher absorption levels.

Before First Use: Wash in luke warm water, Dry under the sunlight, Please do not pour washing powder onto the diaper insert
Ministry of Textiles (Government of India) Certificate

Things to Note : Though BUMBERRY Diapers are a solution for babies with highly sensitive skin, we recommend to use BUMBERRY diapers only after their skin problems are subsided. BUMBERRY recommends to keep the baby DIAPER-FREE for minimum 4-6 hours during one day in total as a conscious diaper usage practice. Most importantly BUMBERRY recommends to change any diaper within SIX Hours duration as it will unnecessarily labour a baby that just started learning to stand or walk. Please refer to the diaper changing time guidelines printed on our BUMBERRY's product package.

Age Range : 0-3 Years

Material : Cloth category Polyester and Nylon

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