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Organisation of the bones changes during pregnancy depending on how you are standing.

Toe separators help to keep the toes from rubbing against one another. Additionally, they help prevent bothersome corns from forming.
Although most of us have nice-looking toes, some of us are not so fortunate and definitely not during pregnancy. You may also find your feet are a bit larger than they were.

Correcting “clumsy toes” is surprisingly simple. It starts with a better-fitting shoe. Most people want to know if toe separators help to correct bunions. Yes, and they also help with stacked toes and balance issues. You can improve the way your feet look and the way you walk.

Toe separators fit between your toes just like toe stretchers, which stretch or pull the muscles in the toes. You can wear Gel Toe Stretcher Separators while watching television or sitting at your desk. Toe separators relieves pain from wearing tight shoes, vigorous activities, standing for long periods or due to heavy pressure on toes during pregnancy.

Age Range : For Expecting Moms

Material: Medical Grade cross linked pro-gel

Size: Universal