Adore Baby Grooming Kit is a complete infant health care kit. It includes a tray to help keep you organized.

The Kit Includes:
Adore Baby Brush: The brush features soft nylon bristles to gently untangle the hair.

Adore Baby Comb: The comb has fine smooth teeth that comfortably glides through baby's hair

Adore Oral Care Finger Brush: Place the Finger brush on your finger, insert into baby's mouth and gently brush

Adore Baby Digital Thermometer: Flexible tip helps in faster, accurate and convenient measurement of temperature

Adore Baby Nail Clipper: Helps parents trim baby's nails

Adore Nasal Aspirator: Used to clear blockages and helps you keep your baby clean well groomed always

Adore Scissors: Used for trimming your little one's soft and delicate nails

Adore Tweezers: Used to pickup solids in the nose. Roll a sheet of wet wipe or tissue paper at the tips to clean around nostrils

Adore Nail Filer: Used to gently grind down and shape the edges of baby's nails

Adore Medicine Dropper: A safe dose medicine dropper that ensures effective supply of medicine

Age Range: 0 Months to 2 Years

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