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  • Develops Attention And Focus
  • Develops Hones Visual Observation
  • Develops Advances Visual-Spatial & Visual Sequential Memory

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About Laughing Kookaburra

Exercise your memory muscles with Kookaburra’s hysterical laughter and maniacal cackling in 2 creative gameplays! Focus, Observe, Laugh to remember and remember to laugh. Are you confused? Ha Ha Ha! Do you still remember? Ha Ha Ha. Players take turns to draw Kookaburra Eggspression cards & remember an increasing series of Eggspressions by pointing to the Eggspressions on the board. If you draw an “Interference card”, perform the activity in all its seriousness before pointing to the correct sequence of Eggspressions. Get caught pointing out the incorrect sequence, you must collect the cards - the first player to run out of cards wins. Keen observation, memory and focus are a must! 

Contains : 48 Double-sided cards, 55 cards with 80 Interference prompts, 1 Kookaburra Eggspression board . For 2 or more players 

Material : MDF

Age Range : 6 Years+

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I have used two products one is Jack in the box and the other is monkey puzzle and both are awesome games to play with...my kids loved learning about emotions through this board game...must recommended