Natural Fruits, Veggies & Toys Wash & Cleanser

Natural Fruits, Veggies & Toys Wash & Cleanser

Safeguard your family from the harmful chemicals, pesticides, insecticides & germs found on everyday items such as fruits, vegetables, toys and other accessories! Naturally derived from orange & lemon extract, this wash removes all the toxins, artificial wax, chemicals, pesticide residue & more.

Caution: For external use only

Why Me?
Made with food grade preservatives - it is edible even if some of it is left behind on eatables.
Paediatrician recommended
India’s First & only FDA approved Fruit & Vegetable Wash - highest standards of care for your baby
Clinically tested & proven to be safe.
Kills 99.9% germs
All natural ingredients
What goes in
Lemon extracts
Helps clean the product without leaving any residue/germs/dirt/toxins
Orange extracts
Kills bacteria and prevents growth of fungi
How to Use
How to Use
Mix 1 tbsp of Fruit, Veggie & Toy wash in 1 ltr of water & soak the items
Scrub each item thoroughly your fingers or a scrub
Rinse under running water
Consume your toxin-free fruits & vegetables with no stress!

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