100% chemical free hair pack Benefits : 'Called 'Mothers Best Friend' by international journals for its highly nutritional and medicinal qualities. It is truly mother nature’s multi vitamin. Moringa and triphla hair pack can be used by both adults and children. It contains the highest plant based vitamins and nutrition required for healthy hair , like vitamin B, B6 , folic acid , Vitamin E, biotin and zinc. Moringa effectively prevents hair loss, hair damage, dandruff, dry and life less hair. While ayurveda mentions triphla has one of the most beneficial blend . The blend of amla ( Indian Gooseberry ) , Vibhitaki ( Beleric ) , Haritaki ( Chebulic Myrobalan ). * prevents premature greying *Prevents thinning * Rejuvenates hair follicles *Repairs damaged roots. *Treats scalp irritations & dandruff *Triphla contains all essential nutrients required to nourish your scalp for the growth of healthy hair .

Features: Rightly called 'Miracle Tree' in modern days . Moringa ( shigru in ayurveda ) and Triphla have been used since ancient times . Our moringa is grown organically and is 100% pure. Beautifully blended with Triphla which have been known since ages to help grow healthy hair. It is a small and marginal farmers cooperative initiative in remote India, which helps them grow non polluted, chemical and pesticide free plants. Ethically harvested , naturally dried so as to retain nutritional potency, color , taste and aroma.

Quantity: 75 gms

Ingredients: cow milk , cow ghee, wheat germ oil , kokum butter , distilled cow urine , coco butter , aloe vera , glycerine , honey & vitamin E

Direction To Use: Use the lotion all over your body after bath . You can use it twice a day.

Age Range: For Moms

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