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Made with bamboo wood charcoal and calamine clay. It cleanses your skin while lightly scrubbing it, giving it a better texture and helping you get rid of dark spots.

This soap is chemical free. Calamine protects your skin from UV rays that tan your skin. Gives relief from itchiness and helps removes marks and scars . charcoal helps to tighten and detoxify your skin especially if you have multiple breakouts, oily skin,bumpheads, blackheads or have large pores. Rose oil is an antidepressant , antisceptic and an aphrodisiac. It soothens and calms . It retains natural skin moisture while cleansing your skin. Also helps fight body odor. Detoxes your skin

Weight: 120 gms each

Ingredients: bamboo wood charcoal powder, calamine clay, rose essential oil, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide , aqua, glycerine, sucrose.

Directions for use: Wet yourself. Then lather the soap generously all over your body and face. Rinse with water.

Best before: 2 yrs from manufacturing date