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Stacking blocks on this self-correcting 3D jigsaw puzzle get children very excited. They get engrossed in learning by trial and error how a pattern is formed only when the pieces are correctly stacked. Each piece is unique yet when arranged in the right pattern, fits perfectly well to form the whole tower.

Jigsaws are an ideal way to enhance problem solving and logic skills among children. The 3D jigsaw requires even more analysis and reasoning in order to be completed. This toy also engages children to twist, turn and fit the pieces, thereby improving their motor skills and aiding their writing ability for the future. Moving the pieces in order to fit them correctly also gives them directional awareness indicating left and right. When children analyzing different shapes and try to fit them together, they learn complementary pairing. Finally, while arranging pieces as per their shades without stacking, children become aware of colour gradation and explore relationships between shades that are lighter or darker.

Age Range : 3-4 Years

Material : Wood